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Green value in water solutions for life

Design, construction and adjustment of equipment
destined for water treatment plants

Screens and Filters

Separate and/or remove the fine suspended screenings from the water. The standard slot and mesh are between 0.15 and 10 mm.
We chose the type and model of equipment that best fits the needs of each client.

Automatic Bar Screens

Retain and separate the coarse screenings from the water. Compact and robust construction.
In wastewater treatment plants are typically installed after the sedimentation chamber (where heavy solids settle) and before the fine screens.

Conveyors and Sand Separators

Convey the screenings by a strong spiral without central shaft.
We study the working speed and the inclination of the equipment to provide maximum capacity with minimal possibility of clogging.

Covers and Domes

Cover any basin or channel regardless of the shape and size.
Depending on the basin to cover and what it contains, we study and determine the model and the material used in the cover, GRP or aluminum.

Other equipments

Hydraulic Compactor
Compact the screenings removed from wastewaters.
Tipping Bucket
Clean storm basins after they are emptied. They are designed according to the shape and dimensions of the tank to be cleaned.